Even Roger can not always distinguish Twins

Federer: "I've already confused the kids."

A father knows his child. And he can tell them apart right away - you would think. For twins can be difficult.

Roger Federer would have to Myla and Charlene conveniently hang a sign around his neck. In the big interview, which appears in the Extra-tennis (on Saturday in view), "he says of Myla and Charlene:" Sometimes I have to look twice already, that's true difference. But we see one. Difficult to say whether it is the head shape, eyes, cheeks. Nevertheless, I have been confused, thought once a minute during which I had Myla on his knees, while it was Charlene. "

If both children simultaneously before her dad could not be more wrong, he says Federer. "It is difficult in the pictures. If only one of them on it, if they are not in a 3d, is complicated. We must be careful about when we make our photo albums. This can quickly enter the mess. "

The nearly two-year-olds require a lot from the parents. But they are also something. "Yes, once or twice a day we go out with them in parks, zoos, playgrounds and so on. In Madrid and Dubai, for example, go into a children's class, as in Switzerland. I am extremely important that they are with other children to have contact, although even as twins are lonely before. I'm glad they are not shy, but outgoing ."

The proper training of the children has a little more time. If the Federer-Twins go to a private school? "We do not know yet," said Federer. "Of course we want them to grow up normally, can walk alone in the nursery and into school. The same experience what we experienced. We want and not be lifted down to earth. "

Date: 14.05.2011, Source: Blick