Gillette’s Olympic Program

I am pleased to join Gillette and a team of global athletes to support Gillette’s Olympic program. The program includes Olympic-themed products and the opportunity to help inspire and encourage a future generation of athletes to achieve greatness through great starts in athletics – and in life.

I will be working with Gillette to determine the organization we will work with as part of the program.

I will be involved by participating in a series of activities ranging from coaching, training sessions and workshops at the organization leading up to and immediately after The Olympics to help give future generation of Olympic hopefuls a similar opportunity to the great start I received early in my life.

“I have seen firsthand how a program with early involvement positively impacts a young person’s life,” said Gillette athlete Roger Federer. “The athletes working with Gillette have a great opportunity to inspire young athletes to greatness.”

Date: 10.01.2012, Source: RF Official and PG


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