Federer reveals his plan of battle against Djokovic

Paul Annocane, Severin Luthi and John McEnroe says Novak Djokovic will be on attack by Roger Federer in todays Roland Garros 2012 semi final match.

After the so far conflicting appearances at Roland Garros Novak Djokovic awaits today with the big test for Roger Federer. 2011 Roger Federer ended Djokovic's run of 41 wins in the Paris semi-final. 14:11, the balance in favor of Federer, and Federer is 3-2 on clay.

Federer knows that he must take Djoker together with his coach Paul Annacone and Severin Luthi and he has designed the game plan.

"I had a hard time here, did not play my best tennis. It is physical. I want it soon caught up in a couple of long rallies, "he says. "In Rome he was able to dominate me, his backhand was playing along the line, was very offensive returned well. I must serve better and play offensively. I must bring him to doubt. If he runs once, it is difficult to stop", says Roger.

Federer's team noticed that Djokovic has stood with their backs to the wall. Severin Luthi: "Five Movements against Seppi and five against Tsonga - there considering you already know if he reached his level. He does not have as much confidence as 2011, I have a very good feeling."

Paul Annacone says that Federer had to find that extra gear. "In the important moments he can almost always improve. Roger first had to find the style with which he feels comfortable. 2009, it was like now. We know what happened then."

John McEnroe's point: "Roger has the crowd behind him. And it is important that he exploits it for themselves. He must find a way to make it click between him and the stadium does."

Date: 08.06.2012, Source: Blick


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