Roger Federer wants to travel as a backpacker after tennis career

Roger Federer is planning to do some unique work after retirement from tennis - the job of a Backpacker. Federer is looking to play the role of a backpacker, after hanging up his boots from professional tennis.

In an interview with the, a German sports website, the Swiss Maestro stated - "I would love to become a backpacker when I retire. I will not stop at 17 career Grand Slam titles. I doesn’t like winning the smaller, replica Slam trophies and I constantly think about tennis, even while on vacation."

When asked about reaching the 20 Grand Slam mark, the 17-time major Champion said, "Sure, it would. With so a number like 17 grand slams now I will not stop. Especially not if you still have the feeling that you can achieve even more. The margin at the top is very small, the air is very thin, as it sometimes takes not much more and you do not win as much as before. Much depends on the confidence that I used to totally underestimated. It is one of the most important aspects. If we consider self-confidence with which Murray plays today compared to the past, or Djokovic in his best year, 2011, when he barely lost."

"The priority hot tennis. I keep thinking about after tennis, even though I’m on vacation, for example, I am first and foremost a professional tennis player. Of course, the family is the most important thing in life, but tennis is an absolute priority for me. I know that my career will not last forever, so I try to enjoy everything. What was particularly important in my career always: I continuously ask myself behind, even in case of success. And also if it does not work that way. When I at Wimbledon in the second Round reject, I ask myself: ‘What’s going on? How could this happen? ‘ I usually find a way to get back on track if it does not work that way," Federer quoted, when asked about his priorities.

Federer dreams of travelling all around the world. When asked about his future dreams, the Swiss quipped - "Definitely still do a lot of traveling. And then rather in the Backpack-style. At the moment it’s all very luxurious and geared that I can recover well. Since I can not go out with the backpack and make me tired. To travel to countries where I was not, would be nice. Know towns or from a different perspective."

"I had as a boy, of course, since I was 12, 14 years old, also the moments when I imagined how I win Wimbledon and the world number one will. ‘Game, set and match, Federer!’ How does that as a boy just so. The right faith, that I may go far, I then had perhaps as from 16 Since then slowly you realize that you can keep up. Still, I could have not imagined in my wildest dreams that I would make such a career. I would have been with the achievement of the top 100 happy," he exclaimed, recalling his dreams as a child.

The 31-year-old further revealed - "I believe 2006 was my best season. I felt uncomfortable wearing suits, but I've grown into them. 'You wear the suits, and not to let the suit wear you.' My childhood tennis days were filled with tears," he signed off.

Date: 1st August 2013, Source: Tennisworld USA


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