Roger Federer best for autographs

If you’re a fan at the US Open, whose autograph have you got the best chance of securing for a priceless souvenir? Jim Chairusmi of the Wall Street Journal has been doing his homework and uncovered that one of the greatest players of all time, Roger Federer, is also one of the best at signing for fans.

Watching close to 60 matches through the third round at Flushing Meadows, Chairusmi observed Federer spending a total of 15:33 minutes signing autographs post match, including more than eight minutes signing after beating Marcel Granollers in the third round, but not factoring in the nine minutes the Swiss spent signing after a practice session Monday.

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic came in behind Federer as 12:27 minutes total time signing post match, but the Serb actually signed more autographs than Federer (292 to 258) with a faster signature (2.6 seconds per autograph compared to 3.6 seconds for Federer).

American No. 1 John Isner, it transpires, is the fastest at signing his name, taking on average 1.8 seconds per autograph.

Player Total Time Signing     Avg. Time Per Autograph

Roger Federer
        3.6 seconds
Novak Djokovic    12:27         2.6 seconds
Milos Raonic    7:42         2.6 seconds
Andy Murray    4:15         2.5 seconds
Date: 2nd September 2014, Source: ATP


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