Federer: "It is unlikely I will play the Davis Cup in 2016"

Roger Federer, back from the US Open final, will play the upcoming Davis Cup play-off against Netherlands to stay in the World Group: "We are confident because we have Stan in the team. We are the same team of last year. A strong team. And then we play on the court in which we won the semi-finals and quarter-finals last year. This is why we are clearly favourites.

"Then we have the support of the crowd. We hope there will be many fans. For us, it's great to get so much support from the crowd. Being able to play again in Geneva with the same team of last year, with Stan and Seve is great. Also we don't know how things will go. No one knows. It could be the last home match for a long time."

For how long, will we see him play in the Davis Cup: "I don't see this challenge as a farewell. In another scenario, I would have stopped to play Davis Cup in Lille. I played with this thought, but I knew it wouldn't be so, because of Olympics. It may be that I will continue to play in the Davis Cup, but next year it will certainly be difficult. May be at the end of 2016 or in 2017. There is still time to decide.

"I understand that I have to give answers, but I don't know where you play the next challenge. Cilic is in Brazil, Nadal is in Denmark and we are in Geneva, so this time we are lucky. Davis Cup makes everything uncertain and it is not easy to plan.

"I like to be organized, but I'm also willing to change. However, it is difficult to win the Davis Cup, becoming number one, winning a grand slam title and winning the Masters 1000. And then be criticized if I lose in the final in Dubai. I can't please everyone. It was always a goal to win the Davis Cup. Now that we have it done we are ready to do it again,"  said the Swiss Maestro.

Date: 18th September 2015, Source: Tennis World USA


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