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Prince put in his place as Federer touches the sky (Sydney Morning Herald)

THE king isn't dead, far from it. Roger Federer has many heirs apparent, and they will be long lived, but they are as yet merely crown princes. Andy Murray was kept in his place last night as Federer beat him in classy but straight sets in the Australian Open final. This was Federer's fourth Australian title, won against four different pretenders, and his 16th major championship, extending his record. But for Murray and the kingdom he represents, the waiting and yearning go on.

At the presentation, Murray bit on his lip and blinked back a tear, but for the second time on the night was helpless to hold back a flood. ''I can cry like Roger; it's just a shame I can't play like him,'' he said. Federer, well-practised, was ever the gracious winner. "Andy, you're too good a player not to win a grand slam," he said. "So don't worry about it." Then, more ominously, he added: "I think I played some of the best tennis of my life these last two weeks." This reign is far from finished.

Andy Murray falls to brilliant Roger Federer in Australian Open final (

Andy Murray said he needed to play the best tennis of his life to beat Roger Federer in the final of the Australian Open. He didn't. And he didn't. Federer said he would win if he got in front early. He did. And he did.

Murray looked away, paused and delivered his best line of the tournament: "I can cry like Roger," he said, recalling Federer's tears when losing the final last year. "It's just a shame I can't play like him ... I'm done. Sorry." "You're too good not to win a grand slam, so don't worry about it," said Federer in response.

"He is the king, he is the master," said the court announcer at Rod Laver Arena, and who could argue? This was Federer's 16th slam.

Roger Federer Wins Australian Open (The Huffington Post)

"That was sweet," Roger Federer said to Wayne McEwan, tournament referee, shortly after subduing Andy Murray 6-3, 6-4, 7-6(11) in two hours and 41 minutes on Rod Laver arena last night. With the victory, Roger wins his fourth Australian Open crown and his 16th Slam title, moving his championship accomplishments into a higher stratosphere.

The man is approaching 29 and he's proving to be in superior shape against everyone else on tour. When was the last time this guy sprained an ankle? To be this age in his tennis career and not really miss any time for injuries is remarkable. I used to doubt his boasts that he could go into his mid-30s, but really he looks just as fresh now as he did at 22.

Kids and slams, life's grand for Federer (Sydney Morning Herald)

Family and slams are all that matter now for all-conquering Swiss tennis ace Roger Federer. Despite his freakish talents, Federer says it's no fluke he's been able to sustain unprecedented levels of excellence for seven amazing years. But the 16-times grand slam champion knows a new fight is only beginning as he strives to keep the next wave of younger challengers at bay.

That's why Federer celebrated his record-equalling fourth Australian Open triumph over Andy Murray on Sunday night like it may have been his last - but also why the world No.1 will lighten his tournament schedule to ensure it wasn't. Federer, 28, took immense pride in becoming the first father since Andre Agassi in 2003 to reign at Melbourne Park and says now is the time to smell the roses and appreciate all he has.
Flawless Federer secures fourth Australian title (

Switzerland’s Roger Federer has won his fourth Australian Open championship after delivering a sterling performance against Britain’s Andy Murray. On top form, the world number one dominated the match at Melbourne's Rod Laver Arena on Sunday, winning 6-3, 6-4, 7-6 (13-11). The victory extends his record to 16 grand slam titles.
Don't worry - you'll win one (The Sun)

The Swiss genius turned in an awesome 6-3 6-4 7-6 triumph to crush Murray in yesterday's Australian Open final in Melbourne. But the world No 1 said after claiming a record-breaking 16th Slam crown: "Andy has everything you need to beat the best and win the tournaments. "The next Grand Slam is not going to get any easier for him. But his game is so good I'm convinced he will win one."

"It is a tough generation at the moment. There are many good guys. Yet Andy is strong in his mind and has the game to win a Slam." Federer admitted he was far more stretched than when he beat the battling Brit in three sets in the 2008 US Open final. He added: "This was one of my finest performances in a long time, maybe ever."

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