Roger Federer's Childhood and Junior days photos


A collection of Roger Federer's childhood and junior days photos.

Date: 18th October 2012, Updated: 30th October 2015


  1. some rare rare pics ....thanks a lot guys

  2. Some great, never seen before pictures ! Thanks so much for these.

    However are you sure 60.jpg and 61.jpg (The one in the karate outfit and the immediately following black and white pic) are really Roger ? I don't think so.

    The black and white picture is 100% that of Dinara Safina (you can google and find out). The one before is probably Agassi, but I am not sure..

  3. I too have that doubt. Thanks for the feedback.

    I added few more photos.

  4. Also the pic 96.jpg with two people: who are they? Neither looks like Roger..

  5. @Karthik, Click the picture to enlarge. Federer is in the right side. The third guy.