Roger Federer will do "Everything" to play at Indian Wells

Roger Federer, you are now for the second consecutive year not at the tournament in Dubai, your part-time home.
Roger Federer:
It hurts. I like being in Dubai, like the people, the atmosphere, the tournament. When I got sick again, I had to think inevitably of Basel, my home, at my home tournament, in which I had so many years of bad luck. But I can not force anything on any account. I must take this lung infection very seriously.

When did you first realize that something is wrong?
Roger Federer: Actually, I was took it easy after the Australian Open. I wanted to come back to power, put away the strain.There’s no question of it being from strain. I trained last Tuesday and then it quickly went downhill. I got chills, fever, extreme rib pain, could not breathe normally.
You are also acting tired.
Roger Federer: Everything goes a little slower, like in slow motion. The fatigue is even still there, even if it is slowly getting better. I hope that I can put it away quickly.
The rest from competition could adversely affect the course of the next few months.
Roger Federer: I do not think so. This is not like the glandular fever of two years ago, in which the uncertainty was large. I think I’m back at the start of the Masters in Indian Wells. And when I start, I’m healthy and fit.
What have the doctors prescribed exactly and recommend that you do?
Roger Federer: The outgoing message is clear: Two weeks total ban from sport. With such a thing it is no joke. I will then, without pushing it, start to prepare seriously for Indian Wells. But as I said: A start is only possible if everything is physically in the green zone. The worst-case forecast is a break of six weeks. I must take that into account, at least.
Is the charity exhibition game at Indian Wells in danger when you play together with Pete Sampras v Agassi / Nadal for the earthquake victims in Haiti?
Roger Federer: I will do everything to ensure that we can stage it. The people of Haiti need our help urgently.
Date: 23.02.2010, Source: Blick


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