Roger Federer's Twins Lunch

A pleasant 26 degrees, happy children and good friends. Elin Nordegren enjoys on Saturday at Mirka and Roger Federer again at last carefree moments. These have become rare, since last November invaded reports on the many scandals of her husband Tiger Woods to the public. In February, he presented live on TV before an audience of millions from the confession, the golf superstar is now his comeback on the green.
Three days before the U.S. Masters in Augusta, Woods said last night: "I am so happy to be here back again. My therapy has done me good and I value my family, mother, wife and children deliberately made. Now I'm fully fit. "His wife and children would be the comeback, but not be there.

Elin also wants to return to normality, it uses the free time for a visit to Federer at Key Biscayne. Roger retired from there at the tournament already in the second round, can take care of his family.

And to Elin Nordegren , the Swede attended Mirka and Roger, son Charlie in a luxury hotel for a few hours relaxing by the pool. Roger Federer makes towels, the little cheerful Charlie crawls around on the couch and Mirka is one of their twin daughters (Charlene and Myla drink) something. And nine months will not this the pint, but as a large already the cup. In the background relaxed Mirka's mother Drahomira.The Swiss Tennisass stayed with comments about the sex scandal in Tiger Woods returned to the public at all times. "Tiger needs to rest. He will return soon as the wonderful golfers, we know," let Federer announced in January. What exactly then he talked with his good friend, he did not reveal.

It could certainly was nothing to blame him Elin. It has not yet filed for divorce, but there is between it and Tiger Woods still ice age. For Federer, however, they can feel heat. The Model blooms in the shade of tropical flora in Florida. With a broad smile enjoys being with Elin Nordegren Mirka and Roger. The baby lies a gift of Roger for the nipper Charlie: a tennis racquet. Elin should shoot a little more to get place of his father, Roger, that would surely not the worst.

Whether Roger and Mirka gave her friend's advice on how they can save their troubled marriage? Who knows. Elin has received at least once a sense of how fulfilling life can be the family. And learn to know what we have long Swiss Roger Federer makes you happy.

Date: 07.04.2010, Source: Blick


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