Roger Federer's Facebook Message Paris 2010

Facebook Videos posted by Roger Federer from French Open, Paris.

Date: 23.05.2010


  1. hey roger!!! :)
    please win the masters because it makes us kill ourselves if you dont win
    i was a player wanting to become like you and pete sampras but unfortunately due to financial problems i couldnt.
    please improve u running forehand it is one of the weakest in your game
    and please move fast not quick u are able to take small and quick steps but not able to move side to side please improve on that and brin smile in our faces

  2. Hi Roger

    Have been great fan of yours and believe that you are the best in real terms of game so far. I think you should keep your ground strokes more stronger and deeper for keep him as behind the base line as possible...I guess that will be one thing that will help...

    Warm Regards