Roger Federer is the highest earning international athlete

According to Sports Illustrated, the 16-time Grand Slam champion was the highest-earning international athlete this year, dethroning soccer star David Beckham atop the rankings. Based on winnings, endorsements and appearance fees, Federer is projected to earn over $62 million in 2010, considerably more than the No. 2 international athlete list on the list, Lionel Messi. Federer's total would put him second among all athletes in SI's rankings, still well behind Tiger Woods, but just ahead of Phil Mickelson.

In the 2009 rankings, Federer placed ninth with earnings of close to $30 million. That's the same spot occupied this year by Rafael Nadal. The world No. 1 makes his debut on SI's International list after netting a cool $27 million.

Federer signed new sponsorship deals in 2009 with Credit Suisse and Lindt in addition to his previous relationships with Nike, Rolex, Gillette and Mercedes Benz.
Date: 22.07.2010


  1. Not bad for doing what you love! Interesting to see his earnings jump this this, even though people are writing him off. He's still a superstar!