It sparkles in Roger Federer's eyes

Mr. Paganini, how fit is Roger Federer now?
Pierre Paganini: Currently he is superfit. We train for two weeks soon. The holidays have done him good.

At Wimbledon, he complained of pain. What was the result?
In principle this is quite normal. 60-70 Matches played per year. Because there are just games in which you carry around a small injury to himself, his back feels. Especially on grass. He has not so felt comfortable. Accordingly we enter with less confidence. Then the puzzle is already a little disturbed. At these levels have small things a big effect.

How much fitness is at-from Federer?
It is still the most beautiful when everything is right. As a man, as an athlete, as a player. The reality, however, is that Roger, like many others, are from time to time in one hundred percent match is not feeling well. He knows that he can beat most opponents, even if it is missing a detail. But he also knows that it is dangerous then.

Federer is 29th in one week, Like its performance parameters seen in comparison to earlier?
He is exactly the same fit as six years ago or three years ago. Exact figures I give out no. But all the measurements, one can have on explosiveness, speed or endurance of specific, are where they should be. He also has a lot more maturity, because he has been training all these years, very disciplined. The fact is: we can not implement every day, what one has everything in the suitcase.

Age is no problem?
At 29 or 30 years you are not old. But in this age one has very much made it very often. This is the huge-difference. It is not your first workout, not your first game. He will soon have 900 matches in his legs and x-thousand training sessions. This can be felt easily. What changes now is not the quality of the athletes. But the design is different. You have the body a little more time to give to make certain things.

The statistics of many former top players shows that there is usually a straight with 29 in performance.
It's different for everyone. Agassi had a long interruption in between. It is important to readiness. What has impressed me in two weeks: He will come to training with a freshness in the head when he was a junior. I'm fascinated. It sparkles in his eyes. If he says, now you have one and a half days off, he says: Maybe it's fine tomorrow, maybe we can train. This shows me that he has the mental juices.

Then Federer beats differently?
Perhaps others were less tennisverliebt. Roger loves ball games. Roger loves the pimples. That is why he plays. But what he has so far made has cost him too much energy. The respect you have. -Roger trained as much. You have to divide it differently. The same amount, different doses.

What do you think when people say, its time run slowly.
If one of the pub with a beer in hand, says something, he should say so. -Those can not be angry. Because they know no better. What irritates me are the so-called specialists, who conjure up after each defeat the end. Who feels tennis should come to a different verdict.

Date: 01.08.2010, Source: Blick


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