What’s wrong with Roger Federer now ?

Even if he denies it in front of the press, even if he refuses to talk about a changing of the guard, Roger Federer can't get away from it now: His game is slipping, fast. This isn't to attack his credentials or past but to try and approach the situation with a sober mind, which Federer doesn't want to seem to do. He's still good enough to reach at least the semifinals of the events he's entering but not to put away other top players like Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. What's the problem?

His serve doesn't hurt like it used to. Whereas it was a huge weapon for him, this shot isn't decisive anymore and that's why he now has to play many rallies from the baseline. So Federer is giving up easy points on his service games and can't put on the usual pressure when he returns. He once used to get 10 to 15 aces per match and many more winners (not to mention all the short balls he was getting behind his first serve). Now he's struggling with his serve and it weakens his whole game.

A defensive backhand. If this shot was always his "weakness," it was still way better than many others on the Tour. Nowadays he's abusing the chop, which puts him too often on the defense. Furthermore, this shot has less velocity on it than in years past. It's not low or fast enough. His attacking backhand is often leading to many unforced errors when his rivals stick him on that side, as Djokovic did in the Indian Wells semis.

Slowing stamina. Roger remains — and his fitness trainer should be thanked — one of the quickest players on court. His footwork allows him to quickly turn around on his backhand and to take the ball as early as possible. Yet Federer is now suffering on the long runs during a match; some of his ups and downs can be explained by a general fitness that looks like it's slowing.

Distracted focus. It's one of his biggest issues of the moment. While he can still play some matches at a very high level, he also can play others in which he commits a lot of unforced errors. Federer's fitness may be suspect, but his focus is low enough where it appears to be tough for him to keep the same level of commitment during a whole match. It's enough to beat many players, but it hampers him when he battles the top players, who take advantage when Federer first cracks that door.

We asked our Facebook fans about his recent loss to Novak Djokovic, some of our fans replied as follows:

Sebolelo Dimo: Be consistent, take each match as a grand slam and not just a practice or warm up for such. Go back to the drawing board, regroup, search deep on what has gone missing since last 2 years when roger lost to del potro. We want more of you roger, keep giving it all of yourself on court. COME ON CHAMP!!

Marc ten Have: Errors, errors errors. They never been there and why so many. Try an other size racket. It will be difficult but you give to much away now. Show them your the best ever.

Cynthia Pablos: Aggressive ... it has to be more aggressive in his game. Practice more their service, as in London, which did not fail a single one. Moreover, as in London!

Rosy Banni: Roger has to work harder on the service that continues to creargli and concentration problems, which at times essential latita ..

April Mota: Who cares what those critics have to say? There is NOTHING wrong with my baby Roger Federer♥ Even if he doesn't rank number one that doesn't matter. His records will always stand and put him up there and above some of the most greatest tennis players.

Fiona Porter: i dont think the critics can judge a player who has reached 16 grandslams in any sense......roge can do 17..i always have that faith in hm he is like alion that roars when he needs to.....:-)

Luis Carlo Montero Saavedra: Roger is not playing badly. Its share of services is good but not as lethal as previous years. When nobody comes to rhythm. His only problem is consistency. You should only focus on maintaining the concentration at least 80% of the party and that would be enough to win tournaments. People should also think that Roger is 30 years. How many players of his age can defend a top 3 for several years?

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Date: 24.03.2011


  1. He is having a better game he had before last year's wimbledon.He is playing more aggressively.But the thing which is not working is applying pressure on the opponent.We have seen him loosing on match points.On match points,he plays defensively and waits for the other to make an error,which is not a good technique.He should play aggressive on the big points.E.g he can chip and charge so he can apply pressure on the opponent.

  2. You can run but you can't hide -time tracks us all down! Roger has been a great champion -perhaps one of the best, however, retirement may be on the horizon. Knowing when to make a graceful exit is for sure challenging. After all he has given to the game he deserves a champion's exit with his head held high.