Rafa Nadal: "I will never overtake Roger Federer's record"

Rafael Nadal fears he will never take Roger Federer’s place as the most successful player in the history of men’s tennis.

Nadal have won 10 Grand Slams so far. But that would still be six behind Swiss star Federer’s record for winning the game’s major prizes and the ­Spaniard believes even at the tender age of 25 it will be too big a gap to bridge.

Nadal said: “The career of Roger is probably impossible to repeat and I believe the number he has is not going to stop where it is. He will have more chances to win more."

“It’s going to be strange if within three or four years one player wins more than him, and he’s the best ever. Probably that’s not gonna happen.”

Federer is far superior in measures of No. 1 ranking (total years, total weeks, consecutive weeks, ranking points); Grand Slam and World Tour Finals championships (total and consecutive titles / finals / semifinals / quarterfinals as well as major match winning percentage); total tournaments (titles, finals); match winning percentage (career, year/season, Grand Slam, against top ten players); winning streaks and records; retirements and withdrawals from matches; Laureus World Sportsman of the Year awards; sportsmanship awards; etc.

Federer has been No. 1 for 285 total weeks (237 consecutive weeks) compared to Nadal's only 102 total weeks (only 56 consecutive weeks). Nadal lost the No. 1 ranking twice during his peak age. Federer has reached 29 major finals (won 21 major titles in Grand Slams and World Tour Finals) compared to Nadal's 14 major finals (won 10 major titles). Nadal does not have a season ranked among the ten most dominant seasons in modern tennis history. Federer has three of the top ten most dominant seasons (2005 season 81-4 win-loss, 2006 season 92-5, 2004 season 76-4). Despite Nadal's 17-8 winning record over him, Federer has the better winning record against other top ten players (when you remove Federer-Nadal's matches, Federer's 130-54 win-loss over other top ten players is better than Nadal's 65-35 win loss).

70 % of Nadal's titles came on clay.

Date: 04.07.2011, Source: Mirror


  1. Federer is a legend. I'm respecting Nadal but Federer is vazeline. I'm a Federer Fan. From Turkey. Like u said; "He is the most successful player in the history of men’s tennis."

  2. Fedx is a legend..!!simply the best...!!

  3. Rafa Nada is, probably the best sportman in the Spain History. Is better than miths like Indurain o Angel Nieto.
    He went to the way of to be the best Tennisman in the World History, but the wild irruption of Nole has paused momentarily this success.

  4. Nadal and Federer were happening to be some of the best players of the history of the tennis. Even we still have great game for seeing.

  5. Nadal has turned into a modal of the world tennis so much as Federer

  6. Nadal is a modal of the sport all over the world. It has body to work as model.