Roger Federer Twins play in Central Park, NYC


Roger Federer spoke about the twins’ playtime after his match yesterday:

Q.  Your girls are two now.  What’s it like to see them pick up a racquet and imitate dad?
ROGER FEDERER:  They’re not quite there yet.  And they don’t try to imitate me either, or it doesn’t look like it.  They try hard, but they get discouraged after 30 seconds.  They just, okay, pick up the doll that’s in the room instead.  I’m happy about that. But who knows?  Maybe in the next six months I think there’s gonna be a lot of changes, they going to get much more into activities.  They love their swimming and so forth.  I’m happy to seeing them, you know, enjoying the sports.
Q.  If they want to become tennis players, are you gonna say yes to that?
ROGER FEDERER:  I won’t say no.  We’ll see how it’s gonna go.  I have no idea.  At the moment, they’re not gonna be, but who knows?
Date: 05.09.2011


  1. the champion of all time beautful gracing this page

  2. its good to be see an happy family ...urs seems like one

  3. @date Americans tell me that man or woman that is doing well outside of it home then you see a good man or woman at home behind him or her