Roger Federer hopes to meet Kaka

16-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer wishes to meet Brazilian football player Kaka, when he travel to South American Tour at end of the season.

Former World No. 1 Roger Federer has receives a jersey from Santos Neymar, but tennis star said he don’t know Neymar and never saw him in playing Brazil football team, told during an interview last week in Miami to the Brazilian TV. Federer has got a Brazilian national team on the back and number with 11, which it went to his own surname.

30-year-old Federer has desired to meet Brazilian national football player Kaka at end of the year, where Swiss star is schedule to play couple of exhibition matches in Brazil and Colombia in December. Swiss Maestro said Brazil team is one of the strongest football team in the world, which filled with amazing players.

World No. 3 Federer will take on World No. 6 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in an Exhibition match in Colombia and also hopes to play in Argentina. The exhibition matches will be played on clay courts.

Swiss champion’s agent Tony Godsick said exhibition matches are likely to play in Colombia, Chile and Mexico and Brazil is still in under talks.

In other news, Roger was interviewed by Felipe Andreoli for Brazilian TV and Felipe bring out the funnies in Fed! The interview starts out tame but he manages to get Roger to pick his choices for most beautiful female tennis stars (yes, first he said Mirka then… Gabriela Sabatini and Anna Kournikova!) and even gifts him with some Rafa-like underwear. The best part is when he tries to get Roger to break a racquet… which he can’t do. Or is it when he gets Roger to kick around a football? So many great parts I can’t pick just one. Watch!

Date: 04.04.2012


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