A day in the Life of a Roger Federer Fan - A must read article

When you’ve followed Roger for as long as then you’ve experienced just about every emotion possible and witnessed the spectacular to the painful.

1. When you see a player hit a genuine winner against him


2. What it’s like when JesusFed turns up for the whole tournament

3. When Nadal wins yet another Grand Slam


4. When Roger goes to 5 sets against Gilles Simon

5. When Roger loses to Djokovic in a US Open Semi Final

6. When you wake up at 4am just to watch Fed play a match

7. When you watch Djokovic beat Nadal in a final

8. Whenever Roger plays Roddick

9. How it feels when Fed hits a Tweener

10. When Roger wins a “tough” match without breaking a sweat

11. Whenever you read an article that says Murray is favourite for a Slam

12. When you’re all in agreement Fed got a good draw

13. When a non tennis fan tells you Roger is the GOAT

14. When Roger wants a match over with

15. When someone tells you they’re a Nadal fan

16. How you react when Roger loses a Slam Final

 17. When someone tries to talk to you about Non Federer related stuff

18. What it’s like when you play Nadal on Clay

19. When a Murray fan actually says something useful

 20. When it’s only a matter of time before Federror makes an appearance

21. When someone disturbs you after a painful loss

22. How it feels when Roger fails to consolidate a break

23. When Roger hits a stupid drop shot on a key point

 24. When Roger gets broken serving for a set

25. When Roger beats Nadal in the French Open Final

Date: 30.05.2012, Source: Perfect Tennis UK


  1. I love this!!! My favorite is:

    16. How you react when Roger loses a Slam Final

    As that's exactly how I feel!!!

    1. I haven't seen my own personal reaction to when Roger loses a Slam Final in any of these clips but it was fun to watch different reactions.