Federer: "The reception was amazing in South America"

Roger Federer, after his arrival in Bogota, said he did not understand why he is so well received in South America. "It's amazing," he said Federer, who will close his tour this Saturday against Tsonga.

"The arrival in South America has been spectacular, amazing. Had already been like 15 years ago, but not the same. And really do not know why I'm so well received, perhaps because I am Swiss that is neutral," he said.

Roger Federer said in Bogota that he is happy with the generation that has had to play, because he has been a kind of transition between an Andre Agassi or Pete Sampras and that of a Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic.

"Surely if I had not played with Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic would be playing with others like them. But really I've played in a transitional generation, because I got to play at the end of Sampras, and I'm still active" charismatic player said at a press conference in Bogota.

"Maybe it would have been good to play on Rod Laver era that was very nice. Nevertheless, I am happy to play in this generation of players super strong, because there are more physical, more vital and more professional, so I'm happy the generation I was born." he added.

Federer, who will play this Saturday an exhibition match against Frenchman Jo Wilfried Tsonga in the Coliseum El Campin in Bogota, also said he does not understand why he is so well received where he goes, and especially in Latin America where he visited Argentina and Brazil in addition too.

"For example to get to countries that had not visited before and Colombia, I think that people know exactly who I am and what I do and it surprised me positively," he added.

Federer who is considered the best tennis player in history also referred to comments heard for several years on his retirement. "For now I have not planned to retire and look to silence this many people, but those rumors are from three years ago, and are the comments that you should not pay much attention. Equal happened to Nadal and he intended he is retiring soon, "he said.

The possibility of returning to the world number one is not concerned about the Swiss, but acknowledges that if he wins two Grand Slam and five major tournaments certainly do it. "For about eight years my goal is to win the big tournaments, two at least and five or six major tournaments, "he said.

At 31, Roger Federer is still playing because it continues to motivate him to travel around the world and will always be better. "It motivates me to travel the world, be here for example in Colombia, and also have the desire to remain just played as a child I dreamed," he said.

Date: 15th December 2012, Source: ESPN


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