Federer's glitz of press conference

Lunch at 5 PM? No problem for Federer:

World No. 2 Roger Federer has been burning the midnight oil this week in Rotterdam.
The combination of travelling to defend his title without his family and playing in the night session at the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament has resulted in Federer operating under an unusual schedule.

“I've had breakfast at 12, lunch at 5pm and dinner at 11pm,” Federer joked with the media on Thursday. “It's shifted over. You have to be used to this when you're a tennis player.”

“It's been very quiet. I'm going to bed really late like I did in Australia at two in the morning and waking up at 11 or 12. So it's a different schedule. I'm not doing a whole lot more than making sure I have an easy week with a lot of sleep. I think it's important in cold weather to make sure you sleep and stretch enough and warm up correctly for the matches.”

Federer is yet to be tested this week, winning his first two matches in straight sets with relative ease. But the 31 year old isn’t looking past his quarter-final opponent, Julien Benneteau, a player he has shared memorable clashes with before.

“I’m aware that he plays me tough and well. I know I’m in for a tough match,” said Federer. “He’s a really good player. He can take it to you by returning, serving and moving well. He’s a good anticipator. He’s won his matches convincingly, so he knows where his game is at and he’s found his range.”

For all those backhands, Roger says thanks a million:

For all those players who directed a million balls to Roger Federer's backhand, the Swiss superstar says thank you.

Federer is known for possessing a deadly forehand, but over the years, his backhand has continued to get better. The 17-time major champion credits his opponents for improving the shot, something he could not have done with practice alone.

“My coaches taught me a one-hander. A two-hander was never an option really. So I stuck with it,” said Federer. “Thankfully to all my opponents over the years who have played a million balls to my backhand, it's actually gotten pretty good. I can really thank them in a big way for improving my backhand. Practice can only get you so far. I improved by playing. And as I was getting stronger, I was able to put more topspin on the ball. The slice is easy on the body and it's always been my favourite shot to hit as a little kid.”

When asked what he would recommend to kids playing today, Federer joked, “Probably a double-hander (laughter). But I would love to see more one-handers for sure. We don't have many around anymore.”

“I want to try to win. That’s why I’m here,” Federer said. “I’m focusing at the task at hand. Right here, right now, the focus is trying to win this tournament, no matter how physical it’s going to get.”

Date: 15th February 2013, Source: ATP


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