Federer: World Tour Finals should stay indoors

Roger Federer hopes the ATP World Tour Finals remains as an indoor tournament at London's O2 Arena, as he countered comments made by Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic on the subject.

Nadal believes the World Tour Finals would be 'more fair' to move away from the indoor environment to outdoor clay court, while Djokovic feels the tournament should move to various cities. Federer though, is happy where the season-finale is currently played.

"I truly believe the World Tour Finals should stay indoors, and I think indoors deserves a great event," record six-time Finals champion Federer said.

"I know there’s an argument to have it on clay, on grass, to have it outdoors - and I did play outdoors in Houston,” Federer said. “I just feel indoors doesn’t have enough play. The indoor season is small."

"What's good about playing indoors is that you know what you're getting into. Matches are going to be played and not delayed. Indoor clay is not something we should look at. That's why probably it has to stay indoor hard in my personal opinion."

And the Swiss expressed his desire for the World Tour Finals to remain in London beyond its contract expiry date of 2015, saying: "I kind of secretly hope maybe it could stay here at the O2, but that's for somebody else to decide."

Federer was given a tremendous reception as he entered onto court, and the player who collected the first of his record 17 career grand slams a decade ago at Wimbledon was delighted to receive such a reception.

"It was very nice to get the support I get all around the world. The O2 is special to me just because it's nice being the last eight of a tough year," he said. "I really appreciate all the support I get anywhere really, but particularly here in London where I've celebrated some of my biggest victories."

Asked whether he is going to feel pressure in his next match against Richard Gasquet - knowing a defeat could eliminate him from the event - Federer responded: "Maybe. So what do I do in those situations? I try to win, so thank you for the reminder," with a smile on his face.

Date: 6th November 2013, Source: ESPN