Stefan Edberg: I'm more than happy to coach Federer if he ask

Former tennis great Stefan Edberg has left open a possible coaching role with Roger Federer, with the Swede telling local media that he is ready to work with the 17-time grand slam champion if asked.

"It's a matter for us to find time to fit it in," the 47-year-old told Stockholm's Svenska Dagbladets on Thursday.

"If we can, I would be more than happy."

The six-time grand slam winner, who retired in 1996, has always been the childhood idol of Federer, who invited the Swede to work with him for a few days this month at his base in Dubai.

"The idea of the camp was that I would give my views and come up with some feedback. He wants to try some new things," said the serve-and-volley king.

Edberg added that he advised the 32-year-old Swiss to play a more attacking game in hope of avoiding long rallies with baseliners Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

"I was very surprised that Federer asked because it's so long since I left tennis," he said.

"But I was also very flattered. I've never really thought about coaching and if it had not been Federer doing the asking, honestly, I would not have been interested."

While admitting there might be room for a meeting of the minds, Edberg displayed his traditional, discreet nature, refusing to go into details about what arrangements the tennis pair might have discussed.

"Of course I have some comments as to what needs to change and evolve, but it's not the done thing that I sit here and talk about it," he said.

"I think he will be coming back. He's a great player and all the pieces are in place, he can definitely win some more grand slam titles."

Recently Federer posted "Stefan Edberg just finished doing a training week with me and my team. It was great spending time with one of my childhood heroes!" on his Facebook and Twitter page.

In an interview with Swiss media, Roger Federer talks about his one-week training stint with former grand slam champion Stefan Edberg and left the door open on the possibility of a future collaboration.

"He left on Monday. I had contacted a few weeks ago to ask if he could consider spending a little time with us. He was my idol and I wanted to have his eyes. He is not a coach. But he still plays three times a week. He failed to see us on a tournament but eventually we thought it was better to wait and let him come here instead, away from everything. It was interesting for me and Seve (Lüthi). And Michael Lammer who is also with us. To spend time with him was pretty amazing actually.

"He has a completely different look. Ok, I'm new in here. I would like to tell you this, this and this. It was rewarding. Given all the success he has had during his career, I know from where he speaks. It is a bit the same level and we understand. And having Seve also there in the middle, it was really interesting. It discusses things with freshness and if he came here because he wanted to.

"So who knows ... there may be something to learn from it for next year. Maybe he can join us somewhere. Seve is my coach and is super good job. He spent 35 weeks with me. Almost a full-time coach. I am very pleased with himself. But if you can add a little something. Why not?"

Date: 20th December 2013, Source: AAP


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