Boris Becker: Roger Federer shows why he is a G.O.A.T

Former Wimbledon champion Boris Becker may have been in Novak Djokovic’s corner at this year’s Championships final, but even he could not deny Roger Federer’s remarkable performance in the thrilling five set battle.

Federer roared back from a 2-5 deficit in the fourth set to force a decider, saving a championship point in the process, in what proved to be a pulsating, drama-laden war of attrition. It was an emotional set of tennis that highlighted the brilliance of the 17-time Grand Slam champion.

"It was incredible to have 4 Wimbledon champions in the locker room at the same time, I think it's a first," said Boris to the media referring to the Wimbledon final, as himself and Stefan Edberg were both present for the final in London.

"Roger Federer has already won Wimbledon 7 times and has been World No.1 for a very long time," Becker said. "He didn’t really need another title, he is the greatest of all time and I have a lot of respect and admiration for him. With his comeback in the 4th set, he showed clearly why he deserves the G.O.A.T. status. He loves to compete and he is a great ambassador for tennis. Kids should take as an example what he did in his career, and how he managed to overcome complicated situations, as he did against Novak in the final in London."

Date: 12th July 2014