Roger Federer treasures his T-shirts as much as trophies

Tennis royalty Roger Federer does not just have a cupboard for his trophies after all. The Swiss ace, owner of 17 Grand Slams and 83 tour titles, also has a separate closet to store and "archive" all the different outfits he has worn over the years.

"I give a lot to charity, of course. And if I have enough, I give to friends and family. And then I always keep probably three of each outfit," Federer said after his quick 6-4, 6-3 victory over Spain's Fernando Verdasco in the second round of the Dubai Open.

"Yeah, it's in closet, in an archive at the moment just because I feel like I have to keep these things, because I never want to look back and think like, oh, I wish I still had that outfit.

"Maybe one day I can give it away again to somebody. I have to take care of them. And of course I missed some of the outfits early on in my career because I didn't think I was going to have a career," he added.

Federer, who is known for his demure personality on the court, has picked up a neon orange t-shirt for the Dubai Open to go with his grey shorts, which come with a shiny party strip at the side. "I think it's different," Federer said.

"I have worn so many outfits over the years, and I am lucky enough to be able to change my outfit 10 to 12 times a year. How many times can you do a T-shirt and another colored shirt? I was like, Let's mix it up a little bit. I haven't worn bright colors in some time.

"I asked if that could be an option. They presented me the shorts. I was like, Okay, let's make sure the stripes at the right place and it has to look the right way, it has to match in a nice way. I think it actually works okay. I like it, and I hope fans enjoy the energy that comes out of it a bit."

Date: 27th February 2015


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