Federer: I thought about retiring after the Davis Cup final

Roger Federer thought about retiring right after the David Cup final last year, but he decided it wasn´t the right time. Roger explains why he will continue even after the Olympic games of Rio 2016.

Federer is in Paris, relaxed and ready to start his quest for a second French Open title. No one expects him to triumph, considering how all eyes will be on the top half of the draw, where Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray will all go against one another to clinch a spot in the final. Roger clearly is the one who is having most fun playing tennis at the moment. Free of pressure, nothing to prove anymore to his fans and to himself, the Swiss has found his perfect mind status. Why would he want to change that? Why people keep asking him about his retirement right now that Roger is enjoying himself more than ever?

During an interview with French Le Monde, Roger Federer addressed a variety of topics ranging from his retirement plans to doping controls in the sport.The World No.2 revealed that repeating the success of 2009, in Paris, is still a goal for him: "On clay, I spend less time than in previous years, but the goal is still to win. You always have goals, and you don't forget defeats like the one against Seppi in Australia. In 2008, Rafa beat me sharply, but then the next year I came back and won. I am proud of this."

The Swiss said he thought about retirement after Switzerland's victory in the Davis Cup last November: "For a moment I thought about it, but then I said 'I'm not ready to do it'. I don't want to retire and then maybe come back again. I have to play a match in Davis Cup before the Olympic Games in Rio, although I think that the rule is ridiculous. It would have been nice to retire after the Davis Cup, but I have not made that decision."

The Swiss maestro currently has a Grand Slam record of 17 titles, however other players are closing in on his record. If Rafael Nadal should win in Paris this month, he would get Grand Slam title number 15. Despite this, Federer is staying relaxed about the prospect of his record being broken: "Rafa is very close, he can do it. The records are there to be broken, I'm very relaxed about this. I had my moment when I passed Sampras's record. You do not want someone to beat your record, but you are happy for the player who can do it. In the end no one will take away what you've done, just come and passed."

Finally, in regards to the controversial doping issue: "Maybe there should be more controls. It is important that players know that in every tournament, you get checked. I think the program of WADA is proceeding in the right direction, the biological passport is a good start. In 2004 I was checked 25 times a year. Now I think 15 times. Last year, during the weekend of Davis Cup, I was tested 3 times in 3 days".

Federer has so far reached the final of the French Open on five occasions. His only French Open title was in 2009 when he beat Robin Söderling in the final.

Date: 25th May 2015, Source: Tennis World USA


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