Federer can get back on top; He's not as far as you think

A Grand Slam final without Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal is a pretty rare event. Tennis people and the press were quick to jump on this fact and predicted a new era in tennis as a result, but I think they were quick to jump to conclusions. Like Chris, I believe it's too soon to make that call.

Certainly, Federer has had a huge letdown since the 2009 US Open. We know it and we have, many times, analyzed it. He only won one of the last six Grand Slams and hasn't been in any of the last four finals. For Roger, we're talking about really bad stats. Yet it's undeniable that, since last summer, he showed a new desire and a rising game level. He had great results at the end of 2010, especially winning the Masters Cup. but it wasn't a long enough run of success to determine whether he'd be able to carry it through to Melbourne.

He couldn't. The trademark of the Swiss has always been the ability to win when his back was up against the wall, but that's now been put in doubt. The loss to Djokovic was decisive. Yet, Roger is still playing at a very high level. His will and his determination will allow him to shine again. But he'll have to erase some mistakes like "lack of focus and no game plan" that are costing him in matches.

Talking about new kids taking power seems to be inappropriate to me for several reasons, namely that Roger is still playing great. He showed it at the end of 2010 and at the start of 2011 and, even if he lost here against Djokovic, he had many chances. He just didn't capitalize on them because of his focus issues. But his game is back. A strong game can lead to better mental preperation.

He has now has found his drive, determination and ambition back. He's healthy (even if his back probably gives him more trouble than he lets on.) He's now free from serious injury and can play with his full physical abilities, which are a key point of his game.

If he continues to play the game he and Paul Annacone have developed, if he's goes on believing in his chances to win at Grand Slams, and if he deals with the issues we've talked about, then I think he'll be able to remain at the top level and to make us dream for the near future.

Date: 29.01.2011, Source: Yahoo Sports


  1. Thank you! Thank you for sharing something positive about Roger!I am a huge Federer fan and when he loses all I read is about the 'end of a career' the 'decline of a champion' etc!
    Thank you for putting into words the thoughts in my head!

  2. Thanks for your support. We need fans like you.

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