Roger Federer meet Kaká in Basel for Gillette Ad

Two idols of the sports world had a meeting on Monday in Basel, Switzerland during the Gillette advertising campaign. Kaká , who was named the best player in the world in 2007, literally hit the ball with the tennis player Roger Federer , who was the World No. 1 for a record 302 weeks in his sport.

Kaka signed in Federer’s racquet as “To Roger. Wish you only the best”.

The number one player in the ATP rankings dropped his racket and took a Football ball, showing aptitude in the most popular sport in the world. "Lets make Kaka the tennis ball, because he is better than me," Federer joked.

The two confessed an admiration and exchanged mutual compliments. "I really like tennis and I always wanted to meet him. So, I went to the Madrid Open and had that first contact. I admire Roger Federer a lot," said Kaka.

Federer, meanwhile, revealed that football is his favourite sport and he is a fan of Brazilian football. "In Madrid we talked a little and it was cool because I always liked football, even more than Brazil because grew up watching a generation of talented players. And Kaka is one of those quality players," said Federer.

Who sees the player by far not realize the simplicity it brings in gestures and words. "Thanks for coming to my city. Did you like? I grew up here. A nice and quiet place," said the tennis player on the small town on the banks of the river Rhine.

Currently he lives in Zurich, but that can always gives a last in his homeland. "They are 100 miles away. For Brazilians it is not nothing, but here in Switzerland is like crossing the country," he says, laughing.

"We have pretty much the same size, the same age and I think some similarities. But he is more beautiful than me," says Federer.

Link: Roger Federer and Ricardo Kaka photo gallery

Date: 30th October 2012


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