Challenge Roger Federer on iPad or iPhone

"Roger Federer’s Tennis Challenge" – that's the name of the iPhone and iPad tennis game that Credit Suisse has launched in its app Les Amis du Credit Suisse. Each week, between November 5 and December 2, the best and most active players have the chance to win a prize autographed by Roger Federer. Additionally, ten caps will also be distributed among all contestants when the contest ends.

Many of us remember, almost wistfully, the era when arcade games, as they were known, took the world by storm. In the early 1970s, long before the first home computers, these precursors to today’s computer games were played on specially built game machines typically found in department stores or game arcades, and then increasingly more often by connecting add-on console boxes to televisions. The classic hit among these arcade games was the tennis game. By today's standards, the game was extremely crude: A little dot representing the "ball" moved back and forth across the screen. Players turned a control knob to move the "racket", a vertical rectangle, up and down along the edge of the screen. If the ball hit the racket, it flew back across the screen to the opponent's court – if the player missed the ball, the opponent scored a point. The game could be played with two users, or alone against the computer, and in retrospect was the world’s first successful video game.

Roger Federer as Commentator:
This classic game was the inspiration for "Roger Federer’s Tennis Challenge", which can be played on iPhones and iPads as part of the Les Amis du Credit Suisse app. Gameplay is identical to that in the original tennis game, only the graphics and user interface have been modernized, and adapted to make use of the latest technical capabilities. The racket is moved by using a touch interface, and the player can choose whether to play on clay, grass, or a hard court. Moreover, Roger Federer, who has been a global ambassador for Credit Suisse since 2009, lent his voice to the production of the app, and can be heard commentating on the match play.

Competition from November 5 to December 2, 2012:
As part of the challenge, Credit Suisse will be hosting a special competition from November 5 to December 2, 2012, during which it will be possible to win attractive Roger Federer fan merchandise every week. The main prize is always signed by the tennis star. The prize for the first week is a Roger Federer cap; in the second, it is a tennis ball, in the third a pair of tennis shoes, and in the fourth – the crowning glory – an original racket used by the tennis star. One Roger Federer cap (not autographed) and one SIGG water bottle will each be presented as second and third prizes. Ten caps will also be distributed among all contestants when the contest ends.

The main, second and third prizes will go to those contestants who have collected the most points or the second-highest and third-highest number of points. After each week – on Sunday at midnight – the game begins again. Competition participants are not eligible to win more than one prize. Detailed instructions for participation can be found in the app itself, or by clicking on the Frequently Asked Questions link. Winners will be notified by email.

Les amis du Credit Suisse:
"Roger Federer’s Tennis Challenge" is part of the Les Amis du Credit Suisse app, which was launched by Credit Suisse and its sponsorship partners, and is continuously being expanded. In addition to the tennis game, the app also offers a fascinating visit to the workroom of Alan Gilbert, conductor of the New York Philharmonic, and – to mark the occasion of last year's Da Vinci exhibition at the National Gallery in London – a historical tour through Leonardo da Vinci's studio.

Date: 2nd November 2012, Source: Credit Suisse


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